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Suicide Action Montréal’s mission is to prevent suicide and help survivors of suicide cope with its serious repercussions. SAM provides quality services to people contemplating suicide, to their social network and to the health and social service professionals who work with them. All of these services are made possible through our excellent resources, the commitment of paid and volunteer staff, and by building on our own expertise while learning from other organizations in the community.

Strategic Orientations 2007–2010

Suicide Action Montréal’s Board of Directors has set forth the following strategic orientations for 2007–2010:

Enhance our knowledge of clientele groups at risk for suicide in each Montreal CSSS territory and provide an annual statistical profile of which clientele groups have been contacted and which should be recontacted in each territory.

Adapt our service offering according to the needs of priority clientele groups and those of our partners in the Montreal region.

Work closely with partners in the community while pursuing the development and improvement of a continuum of integrated services in suicide prevention.

Consolidate our expertise in suicide prevention through training and professional support for networks of sentinels and partners.

Develop and maintain our paid and volunteer staff members’ expertise by encouraging them to participate in clinical or scientific activities that may provide new knowledge in the area of suicide prevention.