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Planned Donations

Suicide Action Montréal (SAM) has adopted a planned giving program that will enable it to better promote suicide prevention. The best-known form of planned giving is a bequest to a given organization. There is also a wide range of other options, all of which offer you or the beneficiaries of your estate very attractive tax benefits. Please feel free to contact us in order to evaluate which formula is the most appropriate to your financial situation and your expectations.

Types of planned donations

a) Testamentary bequest

A testamentary bequest to the Non-Profit Organization translates at the decease, in a tax rebate corresponding to 50% of the donation value. The testate succession can apply this charity receipt amount to, up to 100% of deceased's net income for the decease year, and if there is an the excess, it can be applied on the year before.

b) Life insurance policy donation

A life insurance policy donation offers fiscal advantages. A person who designates a Non-Profit Organization as owner and beneficiary of the his/her insurance policy can receive a charity receipt, being issued for the cash surrender value of a policy, plus cumulated interests and dividendes, at the time of donation.

If the person keeps the ownership of the life insurance policy, but designates the Non-Profit Organization as beneficiary, only the testate succession will benefit from the charity tax rebate. Nevertheless, when the ownership is transferred to the organization, it is possible to cover charity receipts for annual premium paid.

c) Life annuities

It is possible to transfer a cash amount to the Non-Profit Organization, which will pay to the donor an annuity until the end of his/her life. This annuity will be registered by SAM or directly by the donor with a reputed insurance company. In such case, the donor will receive a percentage (at least 20%) of the cash amount gvein to the organization, which will not be used for the annuities.

d) Tranfer of securities quoted on a stock exchange

Giving seurity investment (shares or bonds) to a Non-Profit Organization, instead of selling them, can be an interesting way to obtain fiscal benefits.

e) Endowment fund

An endowment fund is an ideal way to leave a lasting legacy to SAM. It can be set up with a contract or will, revocable or irrevocable. If this awakes your interest, please contact us.

For more information: Please contact  Yadviga Novik, at SAM, or dial the following number (514) 376-0900 ext. 221.

IMPORTANT - If you have already named SAM as a beneficiary in your will, please let us know so that we can express our gratitude. All communications will be strictly confidential.