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Understanding the warning signs of suicide

In suicide prevention, it is crucial to be able to efficiently spot the preliminary signs. Here are a few warnings.

“I won’t bother you anymore”

“You will be rid of me”

“I can’t stand it, I wish to disappear”

“You will soon be liberated”

“I want to end it all”

“My life does not mean anything anymore”

“There is no hope, no end in sight”

“I am at a dead end”

“No one cares for me”

“I am a failure”

“I fail everywhere”

“I disappoint everyone”

“My life is a total washout”

Sadness, anxiety, tiredness


Sleeping troubles, eating troubles

Loss of tasting ability

Constant sensation of purposelessness

Withdrawal, self-isolation

Excess drinking, smoking, drug or medication use

Excessive risk taking

Unusual anger and aggressiveness

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Suicide Action Montréal is present, here and now

Suicide Action Montréal is offering Montrealers who are either witnesses, distressed, worried or bereaved, a range of support services to help them through their problems.

Our services also cover the support and formation of crisis workers and organisations iinvolved or touched by suicide.

Access our services

You can access our services by dialing 1.866.277.3553 (1.866.APPELLE). All communications are available 24/7 and free of charge.

If you reach us from outside the Montreal area you will be redirected to the closest suicide prevention center.

Learning to prevent suicide

One could learn to prevent suicide by either training, accessing information or finding the right resources. Here are some effective basic steps.

Getting involved to prevent suicide

You can go further in suicide prevention by involving yourself financially or by giving some of your time. Here are some possibilities offered to you to support this essential struggle.