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Centre d’aide et de prévention du suicide

Whether it’s you or someone else

Please don’t ignore the following signs.

Stating demeaning remarks
Verbalizing suicidal thoughts (talks or writes about death, dying or suicide)
Demonstrating worrying signs (mood swings, change of behaviour, feelings of hopelessness)
Understanding the risk factors

Our services

Telephone Helpline

The measures put in place to help vulnerable clients, include providing 24/7 access to the telephone intervention helpline, giving support while evaluating the dangerousness of a suicidal act, and/or offering a listening ear to people bereaved by suicide. 

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Our trainers have solid expertise in teaching participants to recognize when someone is thinking about suicide and to connect them to the appropriage help and support. The learning activities respect the recognized adult education principles with an alternation between theory and practical application. Training is offered throughout Montreal, in the public health and social services networks as well as in private, school or community settings.

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Suicide bereavement or a suicide attempt can have a lasting and devastating psychosocial impact on the bereaved individuals and communities, such as in a professional, school or other settings. SAM is here to support those affected in order to reduce the impact through concrete and essential actions. SAM offers various services to assist managers and members of an organization or other setting, through the grieving process and to reach a healthy recovery.

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Myths and facts

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding suicide. It is important to learn the difference between a mental health myth and fact in order to act and react appropriately. Let’s demystify misinformation and clarify the facts to establish a culture of suicide prevention.

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About us

Suicide Action Montreal offers a range of services to Montrealers who are distressed or suicidal, to their family, the individual`s social network, workers and/or other professionals who might be involved. SAM also supports those who have experienced the suicide of a loved one. Our services include research-based training for a variety of audiences as well as resources specifically developed for workers, professionals, schools and organizations affected by suicide.

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