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We offer a variety of services to support managers and members of the organization.

A suicide or attempted suicide in a workplace or other organization causes stress or crisis reactions and, ultimately, may have an effect of contagion.

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Telephone follow-up

As soon as possible, a worker contacts the person who requested the services in order to analyze the response needed following the events, to direct the actions to undertake, supervise and support the people who will have to intervene throughout the steps needed.

Intervention in the surroundings

In some cases, volunteers move directly into the community for individual or group meetings with individuals affected by suicide or attempted suicide and also to provide support and advice to people in the middle who have to intervene.

For the interventions in the surroundings, there are costs, and these vary according to the type of intervention and the workplace.

With the consent of a person from the affected community, a SAM worker may directly recall the bereaved to offer our services.