I am grieving

You have experienced the suicide of a loved one, and you have difficulty living through this mourning period?

Grieving after the suicide of a parent, child, spouse or friend can be a very painful experience and sometimes comes with issues that are often difficult to address.

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The mourning period after a suicide needs to be carefully accompanied. A bereaved person may not find it easy to ask for help even if he or she needs it.

Sometimes, your family and friends will be enough to provide you with the necessary support, but if the mourning events are too painful to bear, we offer you several forms of support.

We offer individual or family gatherings and support groups that help bereaved people through the ordeal and break the feeling of isolation that is too common.

By calling 1.866.277.3553 (1.866.APPELLE), you will receive immediate telephone support at all times.

Our services to the bereaved are oriented around these three axis

  • Face-to-face meetings after evaluation
  • Individual, couple, family support
  • Referral to a support group or other resources