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Suicide Action Montréal is present, here and now.

We offer 5 specific services according to the targeted clientele. These services allow us to update our mission, our values and our commitments.

Services to suicidal people

“Accepting help”

Anyone can, at one time or another in his life, feel distress and a feeling of impasse that leads him to think of suicide. It is possible to get better and we are here to help you.

Services to the relatives of a suicidal person

“Worrying about somebody”

Family, friends and colleagues are the people close enough to help suicidal people. However, the prospect of suicide is so disturbing and the suicidal person’s uneasiness is so complex that loved ones may feel overwhelmed while wanting to support. We are here to help you help your loved ones.

Services to people bereaved by suicide

“Surviving the suicide of a loved one”

The suicide of a loved one is one of the most painful event one can go through in a lifetime. Since suicide grief involves hard times, those affected should be asking for support.

Services to organizations affected by suicide (postvention)

“Dealing with a suicide attempt or suicide in our environment “

Suicide or attempted suicide in the workplace or in the midst of any organization affects people in the community in all kinds of ways. We offer various services to support both managers and members of the organization.

Services to Stakeholders and Organizations

“Working to ensure a high level of competence in a group”

Preventing suicide often requires the vigilance and intervention of many people, or many groups of people. All resources are complementary in this area, and each can be of key importance. This is why we consider it fundamental to offer psychosocial workers training and professional support adapted to their practices and their clientele.

You can also download our complete service offer (only in French)

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