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Learning to prevent suicide

Suicide Action Montreal has been training crisis workers and mental health professionals since 1990. Whether you are working in a public or private community setting, with adults or young people, these training programs are for you.

Our approach

Our training programs are constantly being reviewed and improved based on scientific research and clinical advances so that participants are adequately equipped to face the problem of suicide. Training from Suicide Action Montreal is given by competent personnel who is qualified in intervention and suicide prevention.


(21 hours)

  • Recognized by the OPQ (RA01972-17)
  • Recognized by the OTSTCFQ (Ref. : 270)
  • Accredited by the Association québécoise de la prévention du suicide (2 SOFEDUC Cont. Ed. credits)

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to intervene effectively with people who are suicidal, better estimate the danger of suicidal acts using new tools, and use strategies from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in the intervention.

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(3.5 to 7 hours / Prerequisite:  Best practices in suicide intervention)

It is offered to participants who have successfully completed the training Best practices in suicide intervention or its French language equivalent, Intervenir auprès de la personne suicidaire à l’aide de bonnes pratiques. It is designed to help practitioners build on the skills they learned in this training, to provide an opportunity to improve clinical judgement, and to provide a space to ask questions about suicide that are specific to their practice. It is available in both English and French.

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(7 hours)

This training is offered to adults whose work or activities place them in a position to reach out to people who are suicidal and help them connect with services. At the end of the training, the participant will be able to identify signs of suicidal distress, establish a relationship of trust, verify if the person is suicidal, and accompany him or her in getting help.

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(3.5 to 7 hours)
Available in English on request

At the end of this training, the participant will be able to identify potentially suicidal persons, to check for suicidal ideation, and to apply the necessary protective measures while awaiting treatment by a participant who has followed training (b). Intervene with the suicidal person using best practices.

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Need for clinical support

Helping people deal with suicidal tendencies is demanding and complex. If you have any questions following your training or regarding an intervention, you can contact us at 514-723-4000. A crisis worker will help you immediately. If your request requires more than this, an employee from Suicide Action Montreal can contact you. Do not hesitate to use our services. They are also available to help you prevent suicide in any professional field. Please know that we are grateful for your solidarity in the important mission of suicide prevention.

For more information

For all other requests, please call us at 514-723-3594, extention 305 or send an email to  formation@suicideactionmontreal.qc.ca.

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