Suicide: Protective factors

There are many protective factors that help suicide prevention. We grouped them by sectors.

Three protective sectors

Protective factors

  • The ability to ask for help
  • Knowledge and self-confidence
  • Self-aggrandizing activities
  • Good physical and psychological health
  • Resilience and ability to solve problems, manage stress
  • Adopting healthy lifestyle habits
  • Developing a sense of security
  • The ability to make friends, to become part of a group
  • Harmonious relationships with family and friends
  • A respectful and rewarding school or work environment
  • Healthy lifestyle in the family environment
  • Openness to differences within the family
  • Dialogue in the family environment
  • Develop a self-help model
  • Strengthen stability and availability in the family environment
  • Develop a network of friends
  • Access to help services adapted to the needs of the population
  • Continuity of services
  • The alliance between service providers and the public in suicide prevention
  • A community suicide prevention program